The Essentials

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”- Albert Einstein

Anyone who ever lived in a small home/apartment has experienced the dreaded “where in the F* am I going to put these things?” moment. I have a relatively small kitchen, with not nearly enough counter space or shelving for all of my kitchen gadgets…so a little while ago, I decided to do an inventory of what I had. Turns out that I only used half of the things I owned…hah and I cook/bake quite a bit. Once the clean up was done I not only gained space but my kitchen felt airier, which is always nice in a small space. After it all I was left with my essentials and I think that it would be a good idea to share with you what cooking tools I found to be my “must keeps”. 

The Essentials:

  1. Wooden spoons
  2. Slotted spoon
  3. Tongs
  4. Rubber spatula
  5. Grater
  6. Measuring spoons
  7. Measuring cups (two sets, one for dry and one for wet ingredients)
  8. Three mixing bowls (large, medium, small)
  9. Ramekins
  10. Timer
  11. Colander/fine mesh strainer
  12. Cutting board
  13. Rolling pin
  14. Chef’s knife
  15. Paring knife
  16. Bread knife
  17. Whisk
  18. Two baking sheets
  19. A couple sizes of frying pans
  20. A couple sauce pans of different size
  21. Stock pot
  22. Dutch oven
  23. Can opener
  24. Cast iron skillet
  25. Hand mixer
  26. Food processor
  27. Tea kettle
  28. Coffee maker/a french press
  29. Cooling rack
  30. Sieve
  31. Offset spatula
  32. Cake pan
  33. Baking dish
  34. Pie plate
  35. Muffin/cupcake tin
  36. Pastry Brush
  37. Cork screw
  38. Zester
  39. Ice scream scoop
  40. Cookie cutters (it’s not really essential, but having at least two or three adds a nice touch to cookies)
  41. Turner
  42. Cooking thermometer
  43. Ladle
  44. Garlic press
  45. Potato masher
  46. Vegetable peeler
  47. Pastry Blender

This turned out to be quite the list, guys! Anyway, this is basically all I have (utensil wise) in my kitchen now. Though there are just about fifty things in my list, half of those things are small and go in a single drawer, so don’t be taken aback by the size of the list! Can you believe there was a lot more on that list before the clean up? To be honesty, I don’t even know how I had so much clutter in my small space haha. Well there that is! I would love to hear if any of you have some essential items I don’t have in my list or suggestions for things I should acquire!


2 thoughts on “The Essentials

  1. Jody and Ken says:

    What’s a pastry blender? Or a turner, for that matter? This may simply be Canadian terminology?

    On another note You’re a baby! (blogging wise). Good luck. Deep breaths. You seem clever, funny and well-read. Keep it up. I’ll be back. Ken

    • lanarichmond says:

      Hello Ken,
      Hehe a pastry blender is a hand tool that cuts butter or shortening into flour and a turner is what you flip things with on a frying pan. They may very well be just my weirdo Canadian terminology shining through!

      I am indeed a blogger baby! I hope you do come back. Thank you very much for the compliments and encouragement. I really appreciate it; especially coming from someone with such experience! 🙂

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