An Exotic Hot Milk Beverage

Don’t threaten me with love, baby. Let’s just go walking in the rain.
-Billie Holiday

I got drenched today while walking home. It was awful! At least I had the company of a kind friend to take away some of the misery. When I left the shopping center it was getting a bit drizzly but I figured if I walked fast enough I could make it home before the rain really starts. Boy, was I ever wrong! Minutes later, the rain was coming down heavy and I was stuck without an umbrella. Everything I was wearing was soaked, my hair was completely wet and I was freezing cold. I got home and hopped in a hot shower right away! That teaches me for having hope and not bringing an umbrella with me. Anyhow, the point is, the drenching experience made me think of a drink I used to make a lot last winter and fall when I would get home from a rough day or perhaps an experience similar to the one previously stated. This is a pretty great recipe for days one might want a little bit of decadence and exotic flavor; the slight chili heat warms you up in seconds and the smooth richness and delicate flavor of coconut milk adds a wonderful depth to this drink. The chili can be omitted for a really calming sleepy-time milk beverage, even kids will love this soothing combo!

Spiced Hot Coconut Milk 

2 cups regular milk

2 cups coconut milk

1.5 tbsp Honey (light brown sugar woks well too)

2 star anise, lightly crushed

1 small red chili, halved lengthwise and seeded

1/2 cup heavy cream

Shredded toasted coconut for garnish


  • Put all ingredients, excluding the heavy cream, into a medium saucepan. Heat gently on low heat for 10 minutes, then adjust heat to medium-low and let the milk come to a boil. Once the milk just hits boiling point, take it off the heat immediately and strain into 2 cups (or one massive mug hehe).
  • Whip the heavy cream until it forms peaks and holds its shape. Spoon a dollop of whipped cream over the hot milk and sprinkle with the toasted coconut shreds.
  • Snuggle into place and enjoy!

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