You Keep Using that Word…

…I do not think it means what you think it means.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” – Albert Einstein

I was just talking to some people about words/phrases that irritate me when misused. So, I decided to share this list with you.

Onto my list of top misused words/phrases (in no particular order):

1. Literally: Not to be used as a way to express something that occurred figuratively or to indicate a strong emphasis. You did not literally die laughing…you are still here, talking like a moron. You did not just literally have a heart attack…or did you? Should I send for help? No? Then learn to use the proper words!

2. Random: This word means “without definite aim, method, direction, or rule”. It does not mean weird, unexpected, or goofy. So the guy who just gave you his number is not a “random” guy…that makes absolutely no sense! He is a stranger. Nor is your outfit “totally random lulz”.

3. I could care less: Look at that phrase. Just look at it and think for a moment. If you COULD care less then you do in fact care. However, it somehow always gets used to express that the person doesn’t care. The correct phrase would be: “I couldn’t care less”; doesn’t that make much more sense?

4. Ironic: Dear god please grant me the self-restraint to not smack the person misusing this word. Ironic means that something is contrary to what you might expect. It does not mean an amusing or surprising coincidence. So that thing that happened to you last weekend was hilarious, perhaps even embarrassing…but not exactly a display of irony. Capish?

5. I.E. : This is not short form for an example. In fact, I.e. is a Latin phrase which stands for id est (that is). When you want to give an example the proper abbreviation is e.g. which stands for the Latin phrase exempli gratia (for example).

6. Mute vs Moot: C’mon!! How can a point be mute!? Mute means that someone is unable to speak while moot means irrelevant. Therefore, my point is not mute…it is moot (but not in this case).


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