Problems Only Short People Will Understand

I have a lot of growing up to do. I realized that the other day inside my fort.– Zach Galifianakis

So, I’m petite/short/tiny, whatever you want to call it I am small haha. Being short is usually not too bad, in fact it has it’s perks. Except these things:

1. Pants cost an extra bunch of money…because you have to get them hemmed. As well as dresses, formal outfits, and skirts. I think we short people are keeping the tailor business alive.

2. Standing in a crowd at a performance or speech sucks. Excuse me…can you move a little so I can see in that gap between you and your friends shoulders? Thanks.

3. Looking up to people. Literally.

4. Riding the sky train during peek hours is awful.  You end up being squeezed into that corner by the door…yeah you know the one. Oh wait, no you don’t, because people notice you!

5. People enjoy patting your head. How sweet…not! Please. Stop. I am not a puppy.

6. Being called “cute”. Ah…nope! That gets irritating quite fast.

7. Can’t reach 60% of shelves. Time to invest in a step ladder! The sad thing is…I am not joking, I actually own a step ladder for reaching my kitchen cabinets.

8. Standing in a pool? Forget it! (unless its a kiddy pool or shallow end). Oh yes. I took swimming lessons for many years as a kid/teen…they paid off.

9. You still have to climb onto the doctor’s table.  No I am not 5…but yes I do need that stepping stool, thanks.

10. Getting mistaken for a high-school student. Sure, once in a while it can be flattering to look younger, but not at all times! To add to that, sometimes in a crowd of people you end up feeling lost/overlooked like a child…just because you are smaller than everyone.

11. Hugs are sometimes quite awkward. Having to stand on your toes/furniture, or get the person to bend almost in half to hug you.

12. Grocery stores don’t care. Shopping becomes a strategy game; it’s not as fun as you think.


*BUT we sorter people always have leg room!*



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