It was March 2011, and for me 2010 and beginning of 2011 was a time of trials and tribulations and major life changes. More than anything my wish was to get a cat. I wanted and needed someone I could invest my time and love and affection in and get the same in return — unconditionally. In the last week of March, I was with my good friend Katy and her current boyfriend’s best friend. We were waiting for Katy to do her hair at some fancy salon. Him and I got talking, before that there had been a bit of an awkward silence for a while & the random conversation was a pleasant change. I don’t remember much of the conversation now, but somehow it lead to the fact that I was dying to get myself a kitten but didn’t have the money for one. Much to my surprise his fiance’s cat had just had a litter of kittens and they wanted to give them away since they were renovating and then moving out immediately after renovation. I still remember jumping up and down squealing like a lunatic in that salon when he offered me one of the kittens. He searched through his phone and showed me a photo of the litter. Bailey was the kitten laying on top of them all with her little eyes closed yawning/meowing. I said “that one!” without even wanting to look at the others. I picked her on some weird 6th sense I guess. A month later I went to pick her up. When I got to their place I went straight for her, picked her up and off I went! Greatest gift of my life.

Ever since that day me and my little fur-baby have been inseparable. Funny enough, she didn’t have a name for a good couple of weeks…not a single name seemed to fit her, then one night I dreamed of her name — no I’m not kidding!– I dreamed I named her Bailey. So when I woke up I looked at her and figured that name couldn’t of been more perfect, so that’s why she is Bailey.

There’s a lot I could write about Bailey. For starters, she taught me what it is like to be 100% responsible for another living being and how to be completely selfless: Vet check-ups, allergic reactions to her vaccine and a late night trip to the only cat ER which was miles away from home, transitioning her from bottle feeding to regular food, spending all night awake with her when she wasn’t well just to make sure she’s ok, teaching her to use the litter box…etc, etc! You name it. Bailey showed me (and continues to show me) what it means to be genuinely loyal and to love unconditionally. She doesn’t care what car I drive (or the fact that I don’t even have a car at the moment), she doesn’t care if I graduate from university or not, she doesn’t care if I’m rich or poor; she only cares that I give her my heart and she gladly does the same. How many people can that be said about? Bailey can make me smile when smiling the last thing I want to do. She makes relationships with people seem as bland and shallow as a bowl of cold oatmeal. Sure she’s eaten every pair of headphones I’ve left laying around, ripped apart my socks, eaten mysterious things which meant she had to be taken to the vet (expensive trips!), broken a vase, spilled a potted flower all over the floor, and scratched my expensive dining chair to shit…but that little menace shows me every day something that should be obvious but often isn’t: each day, each hour, each minute, and each second is worth cherishing. And that no matter what life throws at you, the most important thing is having the ones you love standing right by your side.

Every day with her I learn to appreciate the little things in life. Her little furry face popping up on my bed in the morning, running to the door to greet me, snuggling up to me when I have a bad day, knowing how to be a goof to get me to smile, and just making me feel extraordinary and special simply by showing me her unqualified love.

Yeah, she’s a pain sometimes, but she’s an incredible little being with a bigger and more honest heart than most people out there. We can learn a lot from our animal friends — a lot more good than we can learn from most people.

Fun facts about Bailey:

-She loves to watch things out the window and her viewing is usually accompanied by an assortment of sounds ranging from excited chirps to some sort of cackle-sounding meow. It’s a rather entertaining spectacle. Especially her watching snow fall for hours. To us it’s pretty for a moment but any longer and it becomes like watching paint dry, but to her…oh my what a thrill!

-She knows how to get her own food from the bag

-She likes to watch me do just about anything — be it cook or wash dishes, she’s there “helping”

-She can’t get enough of tinfoil balls

-She likes to talk to me (meowing…don’t worry guys, I’ve still got my marbles), especially when I am standing at the top of the stairs and she’s downstairs

-She always likes to be in my presence, when I’m not around for a while she comes to find me and hangs out wherever in my house that happens to be

-She likes to watch things float in the sink and try to fish them out

-Her favorite way to wake me up is to rub her face on my face and lick my nose/cheeks while purring and kneading

-She likes to burrow in blankets

-She got stuck in a wall once (long story which started out frightening but now is quite funny)

-She likes to follow me around in the mornings

There’s a lot more I can write but I think I’ll stop here!

That’s my Bailey.


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