These are a few of my favourite things

Life is endlessly delicious.

There is nothing quite like a collection of soul-satisfying items to bring about a good mood and help get rid of the autumn blues. Here are a few of my favorite things for autumn:





  1. Lotus Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser paired with Head-Aid essential oil by Escents Aromatherapy
  2. AHAVA muscle soothing bath salts. Relaxation bliss.
  3. Foot-hugging cozy knit slippers.
  4. My Life in France, a story of life and love of food from Julia Child makes for a wonderfully delicious read.
  5. The Earl’s Garden tea from David’s Tea served in “A cup of tea just for me” teacup to lull your troubles. David’s Tea has such a delectable and plentiful collection of teas, I am enthusiastically loyal to this brand.
  6. Illume Balsam & Cedar candle. Autumn is a time for soft candle-lit evenings, especially when a candle smells this fresh and soothing.
  7. Some jazz music softly twinkling in the background is a nice touch to any day; Night Train: The Oscar Peterson Trio.

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