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The Garum Factory

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In the past, while traveling in Italy, I never lost consciousness of the fact that regional differences notwithstanding, I was still in Italia.  In Sardinia, biking with Ciclismo Classico, my only certainty  was that after I climbed one hill, there would reliably be another one waiting.  And then a long delicious downhill through rolling open countryside, with glorious views of the emerald Mediterranean in the distance.  Where was I?  Sardinia, definitely.  Italy… maybe.  The answer to the question, What is Sardinia? can be maddening elusive to an outsider.  Rural Sardinia puts on a deceptively simple face – sleepy villages, delicious basic cuisine, agriculture based around sheep, friendly people.  But once you start to look closely things don’t appear altogether Italian.  The ghost of one culture appears and lingers just long enough for a sense of certainty to develop – oh, Sardinia is really Spanish – then it disappears, replaced by a different revenant – oh, no…

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