Success Part 2: Intermediate

Hey everyone! Last week I spoke about the basics of success, what it means, and also gave examples of a few habits I believe to be part of a successful person’s toolkit.

This week is all about the intermediate steps to success. The beginning of being a successful person is building positive habits. The next part is keeping up with your new found healthy habits and also moving forward in your quest for success. Some people may think that being successful (or even lucky) is a matter of being born as that type of person. Which I am here to tell you is entirely untrue. A person who is successful (or seemingly lucky) can be self- made.

I am going to talk about some things which are rather different than what most people might expect from a post on success. What I am about to say is actually the part that so many people overlook, which I think is rather unfortunate as it really does play a big part in becoming successful. Here are the intermediate steps to success:

  1. Manners: Manners are important and I don’t believe anyone would disagree. However, when it comes to being successful, manners are essential. Manners make people feel at ease around you; they bring to light your respect for others as well as your kindness. Think about it, if you have ever met someone who had exceptional manners you probably instantly felt the pleasure of their presence. Manners that make you stand out compared to the sea of people who have unrefined manners will win you the attention of those people form whom you seek it. No amount of education or physical appearance can make you as elegant and reputable as having fine manners. That goes for men and women alike – poor manners have no place in a successful person’s life. It does not matter if you came from a family who is well-off or not, it also does not matter if your level of education is that of those around you. With good manners people will not notice or even dare to consider anything other than the best of you.
  2. Subtle confidence: Now here is where one must find a balance between modesty and self-confidence. Get to know yourself, look for areas to improve on, look for areas about yourself that you love. Being a confident but, not disgustingly self-absorbed, comes from being authentic. There is no good in faking it – people will notice. A subtle confident air around you will draw people in and an arrogant air will push them away. Once you have done a self-inventory of your strongest and weakest attributes, you will be able to efficiently start working toward self-improvement and maintain your confidence.
  3. Be Worldly: I don’t mean in the sense that you must be incredibly well traveled or speak a bunch of different languages. It is enough to be open-minded, well read, and keep up with the events of the world. Read up on some history. Show concern and interest in what goes on around you, educate yourself on things which are important, especially in the areas which you wish to succeed in. A worldly person is always interesting! Being able to be present in almost any conversation will grant you the pleasure of being a part of many circles.
  4. Poise: Being able to keep your composure and dignity in all situations is a skill that will really set you apart from the crowd. In any situation that you are caught in, knowing how to handle and conduct yourself with dignity and grace will become a powerful tool. Do not let yourself freely express all emotions and thoughts that stir up inside of you, that is the first rule to poise. Keep your posture, try to keep levelheaded. Remember that if you are able to conduct yourself in a graceful manner it will speak very boldly of your character.
  5. Art of Conversation: In order to master the art of good conversation, you don’t need to have an endless vocabulary or be overly chatty. In fact, quite the opposite of chattiness is what it calls for. Knowing when to talk and when to listen. A good conversation is a two-way street, however, sometimes conversations come with great difficulty. In such situations it is best to draw on the things the person may be interested in, alternatively find something lighthearted to talk about that you know will breathe some life back into the conversation. In times when that is not possible or the conversation is obviously not going anywhere, tastefully remove yourself from the conversation.


As you see, some of these things you might of not thought are connected to success but, in actuality, they are. I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it gave you some ideas or insight. Next week, I will talk about advanced steps as the final chapter of my success “series”. Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week!


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