New Category + All-Nighter Survival Tips!

Hey everyone! I decided that since I have some time for a break between studies I will use it to write a post for you guys! So here I am on a random Sunday.

As many of you know I am a college student. I feel that as college students we gain some pretty fabulous skills! So, in celebration of this, I have decided to add a new category to my blog: college – haha! This category will have tips on anything and everything I can think of related to college/school/studying/health/easy recipes..etc. I wish to impart what I have learned so far and/or am discovering as I go on in my studies. This category will include things like study tips, personal experiences, suggestions to make life easier, tips on staying healthy, and etc.  Hope you all like this new addition! I have a feeling that as this category develops it will have something for everyone, whether you are in college or not.

Some spontaneous fun facts about me 🙂

  • My favorite subject is psychology (my major)
  • Good music makes me very happy
  • I am entirely into British shows such as “Downton Abbey” and “The Paradise” (it was canceled after the second season – very sad)
  • I also really enjoy “Family Guy”, “Walking Dead”, “Helix”, and “The Book Of Negros”
  • I am a movie nut, mostly comedies and dramas and some documentaries
  • I like to read but, I mostly read psychology/neuroscience/human behavior related books and on occasion some guilty pleasure books like the Shopaholic series (no judging)
  • I am new to Yoga and liking it quite a bit
  • I try to eat healthy without being on any specific diet

I would like to talk to y’all about school! Especially since mid-terms are so close. Let me start of by saying that you should never wait until the last minute to do something, especially with exams. I honestly don’t believe in cramming and getting good grades. In my years at college I have never seen it work out for anyone. I mean sure, there are some people who have extremely efficient memories and can possibly achieve something with cramming for an exam; but, in most cases it does not end as well as you think.

The sinking feeling in your stomach, the panic – then you think to yourself, you say “self, I guess this will be an all-nighter”. Nobody likes it and as much as I advise against it, things catch up with us and sometimes we gotsta do what we gotsta do! I am going to share some tips on surviving the dreaded all-nighter.

Itumblr_static_asain_dad would just like to mention that you should always start working on your assignments and start studying for your exam(s) well beforehand. Buut…we’re students and we all know how that goes, right? End up procrastinating quite a bit or you are piled with work for other courses and before you know it, it’s the night before the exam and you haven’t studied or an essay is due tomorrow which you haven’t started yet.

But, if you absolutely need to pull an all-nighter, here are a few tips I learned in my first year of college!

*mind you, I understand everyone is different and I am not suggesting that this is the only way to get through it, however, these are things that work for me and hopefully will also help you*

  1. Find and set up an area you feel comfortable studying in. It should be free of distractions (as much as possible). It should also be well-lit and the lighting should cast no shadows over your work and should be stable (no flickering) because that will tire your eyes. I know sometimes there is no choice and you are stuck with using a tiny desk lamp but, if you can, try to provide yourself with decent lighting. If it’s too dark you’re just going to fall asleep – the brighter the better! *Never study on your bed; bed=sleep and you will just be too comfortable and cozy to make it through the study session*
  2. Get a glass of water/cup of coffee/tea and leave it on your desk the entire time. What I like to do is have lemon water in a water bottle on my desk at all times during any day/late-night study sessions as well as a mug of hot tea for sipping. If you want caffeine…I would say go for some caffeine – just remember that there is a crash so, try to have caffeine after the all-nighter instead. Of course, if you just can’t seem to make it, a strong espresso will be a quick (and tasty) fix. If you are someone who uses energy drinks eehh…I don’t recommend it, they are horrible for your health…but, if you MUST, then take small sips of it throughout your study session – don’t chug it all at once! The crash is massive from most of those drinks, if you just keep sipping on it it’ll keep the levels up throughout the night without making you crash hard. Also on this subject – if you are using caffeine it will dehydrate you, so make sure to have plenty of water.


  1.  Gather your things and make sure you organize so you can find everything you need easily. This way you have all of what you need in front of you and you can sit there and work without having to get up and get some stuff, then get up again for more stuff…you get the idea. Textbooks, study guides, notes, writing utensils, flash cards, power points, anything like that.


  1. Don’t eat junk food while you study! So no potato chips, burgers, fries, pizza, candy, etc. I know it’s temping but these foods will make you sluggish and we do not want sluggish during an all-nighter! Instead, try to eat small snacks; if you get very hungry have a healthy meal but keep it light.
  2.  Get up and walk around the room. Give yourself little breaks, I know that at this point even 2 minutes is a valuable amount of time…nonetheless, try to find a reason to move every now and then; stretches, bathroom breaks, quiz yourself off flash cards while walking around, get something to drink, whatever gets you moving a little bit – this will help keep you awake. If you are someone who struggles with self discipline I encourage you to time your breaks – you are obviously not going to have time for many breaks but, time the ones you do take. Another smart trick is to take a 10 minute break, go walk around the room or house and think about something else so your brain can take a rest, then come back and quiz yourself. That way you will see what has “stuck”.
  3. If you are studying for an exam, make sure to prioritize your topics before you begin studying. Leave anything you understand and are more/less familiar with for the end; try to focus and spend the most time on things you don’t understand at all or have a hard time grasping the concept of. Basically start with the challenging material and work your way through to the least challenging.
  4. Music is a controversial subject. There are two types of people: ones who work well with music and those who don’t. It seems I fall under both categories depending on the subject and work I am doing. However, for an all-nighter, I suggest you listen to music, if you really want to, during your short breaks rather than during your actual study time. As it is most likely late at night and your mind tends to wander when it is tired – and seeing as music helps with the wandering – we want to limit any distractions.
  5. Finally, my last tip is to get some rest. I know that technically an “all-nighter” means that you don’t get any sleep but, try to finish as early as possible and get at least a few hours of sleep. Even if it’s only 2-3 hours of sleep, it’ll still be better than not sleeping at all.

That’s all the tips I have for you today! I hope you all enjoy. However, do try to avoid using these tips (aka try to avoid pulling all-nighters!).

Here’s a link to encourage you not to deprive yourselves of sleep by staying up all night cramming or working on a paper (or for any other preventable reasons):


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