Creating Your Perfect Morning


I haven’t always been a morning person, but because of the way life works I learned that it is better to become one. As I started looking for ways to enjoy my mornings more I found that the start of the day gives me a good pocket of time for myself and things that I love without any kind of distractions. I also discovered that the morning can really set the mood for the rest of the day. And no matter what happens during the day, I am stocked up on positive energy from a really awesome morning.

I always try to start my day off on a positive note, like messaging good morning to my sweetheart. I like to make my bed every morning and then I head to the bathroom to wash my face & brush my teeth (the usual). I won’t really go into details about my skin care routine or anything, but I will mention that I like to use this time in the morning to pamper myself with a little extra care – like using my favorite products and taking my time to enjoy the process. After I have cleansed my face, I get my yoga mat and begin my morning yoga stretches. I think that really focusing on the positive and clearing my head in the morning as well as getting my body moving helps to ground and energize me. Next, I go back into the bathroom for a quick shower. Then it is time for me to put on some soft music, wrap myself in a robe and go do all of my girly things like my hair. Once I feel ready, I like to go straight to my kitchen and drink a glass of lemon water (without sugar or honey). This helps get my stomach excited about being awake and it is also very refreshing to the senses. The kitchen is a place I feel at peace. I feel that taking a little bit of extra time in the morning to do what I love, which is cook, is like the cherry on top of my morning. Usually just before the food is ready I click on my kettle so that I can make myself a cup of my favorite morning tea. I find that a healthy but simple breakfast such as oatmeal and fruits with a little bit of honey is perfect. I normally don’t vary in my breakfasts too much. I seem to have a few go-to favorites which I choose between depending on season and mood. Though I must admit on weekends or during holidays I get creative (and sometimes fancy) with my breakfasts and brunches. Once breakfast has been finished and my cup of tea has been sipped dry, I get dressed. I end the dressing with a spritz of a perfume which suits my mood. The morning is not complete yet, because I try to leave myself a little bit of time to read the news and do some self-reflecting or writing. Sometimes I like to read a chapter or two from a book I am reading at that moment, but since these days I have my nose buried in textbooks, I tend to just surf online for interesting articles. Afterwards, I am ready to take on the day. When I am feeling like I need a little bit of extra time, I will message my sweetheart good-morning and then leave my phone on silent to really connect with myself, avoid distractions, and charge my metaphorical batteries for the day.


She is also a part of my happy mornings! Look at that fluffy muffin face! 

I think it is very important to start your days off doing what you love and not rushing things. If you aren’t a morning person, maybe creating your perfect morning routine will make mornings more enjoyable & lead you to discovering that mornings aren’t as humdrum as you thought.

Even though you might not have time to do everything you want in the morning, try to set aside some time for yourself to do those things at other parts of the day. It is important to de-stress and relax by doing things you really enjoy, because I think that it really makes a big difference in your overall state of mind.

I am going to leave you guys with a quote I really like:

Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.



7 thoughts on “Creating Your Perfect Morning

  1. luluscribbles says:

    Good points about being a morning person. I REALLY need to flip my internal clock around, soon, too. I used to be such a morning person, when I set my mind to it (and not sleep hours before daylight…. that helps, I guess). I know that I can do that too! My goal for this week, thanks to your inspiring post, is to make time for myself in the mornings—who knows, maybe I’ll have enough time, I can work on my own blog! 😀

    xo, Lu

  2. kleverkathy says:

    Totally agree with how the morning sets the mood for the rest of the day. I struggle so much with even having a morning to wake up to. I go to bed at like 3 AM and wake up at like 12PM 😦 Thanks for the follow btw, I hear you’re a friend of Lucia’s and inspired her to start a blog! Very excited to read your posts! Hope to get to know you better!

  3. lanarichmond says:

    Hi Kathy! Yes, I am indeed a friend of Lucia’s and I hope to get to know you better too! Mornings took a lot of getting used to for me, to be honest. I used to be such a sleepyhead until I found a way to wake up and start the day with a routine I actually enjoy. Having something you look forward to in the mornings makes a big difference! 🙂
    I will also be reading your posts, welcome to the blogging world ha-ha. I am still a baby blogger myself, but I hope to grow 🙂

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