February Favorites + More

Hello all! I think it will be fun to share the things I have been enjoy this February and maybe, just maybe, you guys will try these things out too and like them as much as I do.



  • Yogi Green Tea Kombucha – guys! This tea is absolutely delicious. It is made with organic green tea and this tea is completely natural. Kombucha actually dates back to ancient Russia where people drank a fermented tea (it tastes much better than it sounds) for immune support. However, this tea does not taste like kombucha, it tastes fruity and fresh and very well balanced. Plus the Yogi brand puts little quotes on each of their tea bag tags and who doesn’t love quotes?
  • The Last Lecture By Randy Pausch, Jeffrey Zaslow – all I can say for this books is that you should definitely read it. Randy’s life story is incredibly inspirational and tugs strongly on the heart strings. If you read just one book this month, let this be it. I had a lot to think about after finishing it.
  • Yankee Candle Aromatherapy Spa in the scent Lavender, Ylang-Ylang & Geranium – I like to burn this candle when I am doing some reading in the evening or when I am writing (like right now) or during any quiet activity, really. I think the scent is soothing and provides a very calm atmosphere. I believe they call this candle “Relax”, which is kind of perfect. I got my candle a long time ago actually, but I haven’t burned it more than a couple times until this month. As of late,thought, I have been utilizing it to the maximum haha!
  • Brita Bottle – I got this water bottle off Amazon and I have not stopped using it since the day I got it. I purchased the soft-squeeze bottle, not the hard bottle because if it goes in my backpack I prefer the bottle to be flexible.This bottle comes with a filter which you have to replace every 2 months. I mean it’s a water bottle, there’s not much to say about it, except that water has never tasted this good! If you’re like me and don’t like tap water due to the smell of chemicals (chlorine), you will be happy to hear that the filter entirely kills the smell so, tap water is now drinkable from anywhere (where water is safe to drink).
  • Koss FitBuds – I have never been able to find in-ear headphones that didn’t fall out! But these are made for women’s ears so they stay in. They sound great and are sweat resistant for those days I want to do a little workout with music. The only down fall is that they don’t have as much bass as I would like, but honestly, for the price, durability, and fit I am very satisfied with these buds. I have two pairs, one in coral and one in mint…I gotta say I love how the colors are really vibrant and pretty. If you have small ears and have trouble finding buds that fit or if you just want a new pair of durable buds, give these a try.
  • Music – No, it isn’t a brand, I really just mean music. And technically music is a very broad “favorite” to mention but, I really have been enjoying music of all kinds. I have always really enjoyed music, but this month I am listening and enjoying more than usual. I find that there are some songs which can entirely turn my mood around from so-so or even terrible to good/better. Or just make a moment feel so perfect. Have you ever experienced that or is it just me and my weird self? I am sure there must be others. How fun it would be to have a soundtrack to my life so that at the perfect moment the perfect song for that moment plays.
  • NuCoconut Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – It is no secret that I love coconuts for their wonderful flavor and many health benefits. This month I purchased a brand of coconut oil which I have not tried before called NuCoconut, and I gotta say…good job, NUCO! This oil smells and tastes great; I use it on my skin, lips, and on my hair as a leave-in conditioner. The results were surprising, to be honest. I didn’t expect such dramatic change in my hair texture nor my skin. I have used some coconut oils before and they did a good job of making my skin feel smoother and make my hair shinier, but this coconut oil just blew me away. My skin isn’t just smoother it looks better and my hair isn’t just shinier, it really has improved the health of my hair. So…if you are new to coconut oils or want a new brand to try out, this is the one I would recommend. Even if you don’t use it as a beauty product, the flavor and quality is excellent for cooking.

Those are my current favorite items for the month! Just a disclaimer: I purchased everything with my own money, no one paid me to endorse their products, these are my honest reviews and thoughts. Also, you can find almost everything I mentioned above on Amazon – such a great site! It has everything and they deliver so quickly. Brilliant.

And here is a totally random photo of Bailey being fabulous!1409166859278

The other day I was thinking about a couple of blog ideas for a post and I decided that I would start off with the first topic and finish off with the second. The first is quite obviously my favorites of the month and my second topic for this post is how I came to blogging! I have not mentioned this (I don’t believe) and I think it will be nice sharing a little bit of my story with you guys.

So, here we go!

I started writing at a young age, I think it was sometime in 6th grade. I would write short stories all the time and I actually saved a few of them, one of which is called “Cherry Cola” (I think it is the best story I wrote in elementary school). I was always a writer at heart, but I never really expanded past that. In high school I would consistently get A’s in English class, however, writing kind of took a backseat. I still wrote a little bit here and there but I mostly focused on other things, like swimming and dancing. Though, after high school I started to get back into writing with a book. I actually started to write the book while in high school but I never got too far. The book was shaping up nicely throughout my first year of college…until my computer crashed. I did not back up my stuff and it was devastating losing a piece of work like that, but it happened. After losing my book I decided that I would not try to write such mass works (I was too afraid of losing it all again, I guess…plus it was really difficult to generate something new after spending so much effort on the lost book). Some time passed, I still felt the desire to write. I thought to myself that I should give blogging a shot; it seemed like a good place to start writing again. My first blog was called Lipstick and Root Beer. I wrote about a lot of different things and it gained popularity very quickly; the blog was booming! It excited me to see people give me feedback and like my posts and readers ask for me to write about topics they were interested in. It was pretty amazing. Until it got hacked(?)…I assume that is what happened because one day I signed in and all of my layouts and posts were really messed up and try as a I might to re-set settings and change it all back to how it was, it kept being tampered with. It was bad. Pictures were all askew and you could hardly read any of my posts because the words were almost squished into one whole mass of text. So, I had to delete it. It was upsetting to leave my followers and readers behind, as well as my hard work. I then stopped blogging for a long time. You could say that I lost my spark. It was disheartening to lose one piece of work after another, I felt like it was a sign for me to just stop and leave it behind. But, obviously, after a little while I missed it! I really did. It was like something was missing because I wasn’t writing anything. I tried to keep up with a journal but it eventually became more of a thoughts and feelings journal rather than a writing journal for fun. I still journal, because I find it therapeutic to express myself and have a place where I can reflect. I don’t journal every day, but I do use it when I feel like it. Well, it seems I just went on a bit of a tangent there haha…back to the blog story! As I was saying, I missed it. I felt that it was time to try again, so I created this blog which you are currently reading. At the time I created this blog I was very into cooking and homemaking (I still am), which is why when I started that was the core topic of my blog. However, after my first several posts, I decided it would be better to add additional topics…so here we are today! And that is my little story of how I came to blogging. I’ve actually played around with the thought of starting a YouTube channel before I began with this blog but, I realized that the point is that I want to write. Maybe one day?

Thanks for reading! I will see you guys again later today, because, that’s right, I am coming back with another post! I hope you all enjoyed this little get-to-know-me post, feel free to leave some comments. I would love to hear from you, my lovely readers!


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