Current Favorites + 30 Random Facts About Me

Hello! Hope everyone’s week has been going smoothly. I am just coming to the end of my first school week of the semester – but, no school talk yet! I’m still enjoying the decelerated pace of these first few days.

This is an April slash beginning(or middle?) of May favorites…you know what, we’ll just call it current favorites post combined with 30 random facts about me. I think a post like this will be pretty fun to do. I feel like this type of post is great because you guys can relate better to me and get to know me a little more, which is just awesome. So, let’s begin!

Doing this favorites section is kind of interesting for me because I’ve been pretty loyal to the brands I like. I have used the same brands and products for years, I just tend to stick to what I know I like. Why change something if what I already use and know works well for me? Right? Well…I ventured out there and did some experimenting with new brands. Let me just begin by saying that I have found several new holy grail products. Here is the list of current favorites (upfront sorry to my male readers, some items on this list will probably bore you to shreds…):

  • The first thing I want to talk about a shampoo/conditioner combo I purchased recently and have been very much enjoying. It’s by Organix and it is the Kukui Oil range. My hair and scalp just drink this stuff up *slurp sound*! It smells fantastic, it makes my hair feel and look fantastic, it is just a fantastic product all around. Now, the price tag on this is a little up there compared to the average shampoo/conditioner – however, I got mine on a big sale and I think I will be on the hunt for more sales for when I run out (or maybe order online). Organix has many other products that all are made of different ingredients targeted at different hair types and/or problems; I think they have Argan Oil, Coconut, Macadamia Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Keratin…and a whole lot more. I highly recommend you go and try them out if you want to!
  • Next, I want to mention a food item. I do not normally drink milk. I get severely unpleasant symptoms when I drink regular milk, it doesn’t matter what percent of M.F. it has…it just doesn’t go down well. Funny enough, I can eat other dairy absolutely fine: cheese, yogurt, coffee cream, whipping cream, cereal cream, ice cream, sour cream, you name it! Totally fine. Milk (especially skim or partly skim)? Body rejects it. Needless to say, when I found a milk that was a) the best tasting milk I’ve had, b) didn’t cause me any issues at all and c) came in a glass bottle…I was all like “gimme that!”. I like anything in a glass packaging because glass is generally chemically unreactive and stable, therefore doesn’t distort taste. Hmm I got all science, my bad…anyway! This milk is by a company called Avalon (it is a Canadian company) and everything they produce is certified organic which is an absolute plus. I personally drink old fashioned whole milk by Avalon. It is perfection and I hope I can always buy it. I also hope that you fellow Canadians get to try it! I’m sorry to anyone out there who isn’t a Canadian…I wish you could enjoy Avalon’s products as much as I do.
  • Another thing I want to mention is coconut oil. I think I did a post on coconuts before and their benefits, so I won’t go on a rant about their glory. I actually have an organic food-grade jar of delicious coconut oil strictly for my skin and hair. I use it as a hair mask and a face mask, as a cleanser sometimes, as a body moisturizer, to calm irritated skin, I really do take full advantage of this oil. The brand I have is called NUCO, but I am sure other organic extra virgin coconut oils will be just as beneficial for eating and slathering yourself with. When you feed yourself, your skin and hair with products that don’t contain weird synthetic additives you can’t pronounce, it really shows. If you haven’t already discovered the benefits of coconut oil, I suggest you get onto that band waggon!
  • Beats earbuds. You know, the Beats by Dre. Even though I thoroughly enjoy my Koss earbuds for women, these Beats have serious base and really crisp delivery. Bus rides, long walks, loud store music, annoying people…they all drift into the background when I put these into my ears.
  • Febreze Sleep Serenity in moonlit lavender wall plug-in. I really, really like the scent of this. It’s fresh and soothing; Febreze did a good job of making this one strong scented enough to be noticeable and at the same time not at all overpowering – even in the bedroom (which isn’t huge). I’m a scent person. I like to smell nice, I like my house to smell nice, my clothes, my car, my sheets. Everything. Normally, though, what I find is that wall plug-ins are either sickly and overpowering or barely noticeable. This Febreze one really surprised me and I will definitely be getting refills.

And that brings me to the end of my current favorites list. Just a little disclaimer: I did not get endorsed to promote anything, everything I purchased was with my own money and I actually do enjoy these items.

Now, on to the 30 random facts about me! Let’s begin!

  1. I am 5 foot 3 inches – petite J
  2. I am newly engaged! And over the moon with happy!
  3. If I see a hungry animal (especially cat or dog) I have to feed it and actually did during the vacation in Mexico. We actually fed a stray cat some food off our table at one of the hotel restaurants.
  4. I listen to a plethora of different music genres – it kind of works in a way that if I’m feeling it, I’ll listen to it regardless of genre (for the most part, there are several types of music I just can’t listen to – like that screamo stuff, no).
  5. I’m a Gemini
  6. I like to dance
  7. I sprained and dislocated my thumb when was in elementary school
  8. I have a sweet tooth and a salty tooth: I crave the most random stuff at odd hours, especially at night
  9. I hate mosquitos. They annoy me with their stupid night time buzzing and they suck my blood and make me itch. Just unpleasant all around.
  10. I think horses are incredible, I find it easy to connect with them. I also really want to go horseback riding as an adult (I’ve only ridden a horse a few times as a child and early teen).
  11. I really, really like candles.
  12. I like garlic and onions…even though they leave behind some dragon breathe. Mouthwash, brush, and mints!
  13. If you were to ask me what my favorite fruit is, I would have a very difficult time answering that…I guess juicy white peaches are top of the list.
  14. I greatly enjoy the holidays. I like pine trees and decorating them, I enjoy buying and wrapping gifts, delicious dinners, and festive home decor. All of it makes me super happy.
  15. Even though I really enjoy the holidays, my favorite season is summer!
  16. Laughing is my favorite. I watch a lot of comedies & I quite often have a smile on my face.
  17. I used to be super shy all throughout my childhood and teen years.
  18. I intensely dislike when people walk around the house in their outdoor shoes.
  19. I wash my bedsheets every weekend…I don’t know if that’s normal or not, but I just have to do it. It’s a thing.
  20. I have always wanted to open up my own tea shop.
  21. I like going for drives – my favorite time is at night when no one else is on the road.
  22. I know a lot about home remedies for a lot of different things.
  23. I enjoy learning and feeding my mind
  24. I have RBF (google it and you will find out what that stands for). In short: it is when your resting/neutral face doesn’t look like a cheerful or content looking face. When I am just relaxed and not emoting anything my resting face can look like I am in a bad mood or pissed off. I apologize to anybody that thinks I am unhappy or in a crap mood, but 9 times out of 10 I am not at all displeased or peeved! I just happen to have a serious face when I am in my own thoughts or concentrated on something.
  25. Usually when I stay at hotels I’ve never stayed at before I have some issues figuring out their showers. Some hotels have whacko futuristic contraptions and I stand there confused like “What is this? How does it turn on? Will I create a time warp if I press this button?” I just want to get in the shower! Luckily I have my darling there to help me figure it out.
  26. The first thing I have to do when I wake up in the morning is brush my teeth. I hate the feeling of uncleanliness in my mouth.
  27. I am very particular about the pens that I use. I like certain types of pens – my favorite are the Sharpie pens. I don’t know when or how that started…but…that is the case
  28. I don’t smoke, I never have, and I never will.
  29. The Sims was a bit of an obsession back in the day. Whenever I had a free moment I was there, glued to the computer. Over that obsession now, though.
  30. I get cold very easily. Maybe because I’m small?

Okay, there you have it! 30 random facts about me!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, have a good rest of the week. Until next time!


4 thoughts on “Current Favorites + 30 Random Facts About Me

  1. luluscribbles says:

    Haha, Lana, I love your 30 random facts about you!!! I feel like I knew these details… And then you’d make me laugh when you share something new that I didn’t know about! Crazy how it makes me feel closer to you. Congrats on your engagement, darling! Mad love.

    • lanarichmond says:

      Aw thank you, Lu! I’m so glad you enjoyed the 30 random facts and that it made you feel a little close 🙂 which was the one that surprised you most?
      Thanks hehe! Much love, sweet pea!

      • luluscribbles says:

        The SIMS… lol funny enough I never really got into that. I have played, but never owned it so maybe that was why.
        I didn’t know you dislocated your thumb. That sounds …ouchy.
        Juicy white peaches–you just left me lying awake tonight, drooling about sweet juicy white peaches… guess what I’m picking up tomorrow? Lol
        Walking inside with outdoor shoes… UGH AGREE.
        Brushing teeth first thing, AGREE.
        I LOL’d at your hotel shower struggles. I think I get by okay 😉
        Tea shop. Maybe one day we’ll co-own one! I’d love to have one too! A cute, whimsical place for family, friends, and new friends.

      • lanarichmond says:

        Yes! I like the sounds of owning a tea shop like that together hehe :-)! Your comment about the peaches LOL…yes!
        I’m glad you agree with the outdoor shoe peeve I have – we’ve got lots in common, girly (well, except The SIMS and shower struggles lol).

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