Don’t Lower Expectations, Increase the Effort.

A new semester is coming up fast – 2 months! Registered for my 5 courses and 2 labs! Oh boy, this will be quite a challenge! I guess it will keep me occupied. Until then, soaking up the freedom of 3 classes and 1 lab…

Coming up: Chemistry + Lab, Biology + Lab, Psychology, Mathematics, and an Asian Studies class on Tea! What. A. Combo! Haha. That tea class is going to be phenomenal.

Tea is always a good idea.

Tea is always a good idea.

To be honest, I have never taken such a work load before. I mean, I’ve been busy with 4 courses and labs before but never 5 courses plus the labs…we shall see how that ends up going! With appropriate planning, I am sure it will be manageable. I will be in school every single day of the week (excluding weekends, of course) and every day will be until 5 pm except Friday. Fall will be rainy and grey and dark, that always makes it hard to fight the early morning tiredness and trek out to class. But the grey sogginess is good when I am home, it will be cozy and easy to focus on studies.

I figure it this way: study now and be proud of myself later.

Study while others are sleeping; work while other are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.

William A. Ward

My Top 5 Study Beverages:

  1. Tea (iced or hot)…this one is not surprising, tea is good for any occasion haha
  2. Hot mulled apple cider…during the fall, I sometimes find myself reaching for a hot mug of aromatic apple cider
  3. Fresh fruit infused water…it’s refreshing and hydrating and fruit gives the water a touch of flavor, which makes it less “meh” – sometimes I like to jazz it up by using sparkling water/tonic water/club soda and squeezing a citrus fruit in it
  4. Fresh juice…I have a juicer and I like to make myself a carrot and apple juice, it’s tasty and very healthy
  5. *occasionally* I like a cold coke…usually when I am feeling bummed about studying/have been studying a lot and want to indulge in pop drinking

Notice there is no coffee in my list of study beverages – I very rarely drink coffee. I know, it’s weird…doesn’t everybody drink coffee? Haha, but I can easily go without coffee and actually prefer not to drink coffee – just isn’t my thing. There are some occasions that I do like a mug of joe. Some days are definitely, undeniably coffee days (or nights…when the exams get hairy). What is your favorite beverage for when you need to get stuff done (doesn’t have to be studies)? What about your favorite pick-me-up snack?


5 thoughts on “Don’t Lower Expectations, Increase the Effort.

  1. luluscribbles says:

    SO excited about the tea class! Can’t wait to hear more about it–and immerse myself in that learning environment, too! 😉
    I agree with what you said about school. Power to education! Nothing worth it comes easy. We both got this, though. We can do it! 😀

  2. luluscribbles says:

    Oh PS. I’m a coffee person. But, I have only grown to love coffee… my roots go way back with tea. I think I will start to collect more tea things. When I got into coffee, I had so much to collect–mugs and books and all. But now, I would like to stir up the sleeping tea drinker in me, and ‘tea more often’ (like my parents. They hardly drink water; all they consume is tea) Mostly green).

    Mmm… green tea, matcha, and earl grey teas are my favorite.

    PPS. No pop for me! I can’t do it! Maybe once in a year, if I was stuck at a big party and I didn’t feel like drinking (alcohol), and with limited choices, I might settle for a can of iced tea or Sprite. But ehh… I’d almost rather wait for it to rain. LOL
    Oh! That inspires me to write a blog about why I dislike pop. Such a funny story, when my boyfriend put two and two together and figured out why. You’ll see; I’m a weirdo.

    • lanarichmond says:

      Haha honestly, pop is a love hate thing for me. I won’t drink it often, but some days I desire a cold coke in a glass bottle.
      As for the tea: that’s awesome. I collect teas and Earl Grey is such a great tea – a classic fave! Honestly, for me, every tea has it’s own awesome factor…I love my tea! It’ll be nice to share some passion for tea with someone (AKA you!).

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