[Insert Sorry Face]


Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.
– George Carlin

Quizzes. Lab reports. Exams. Quizzes. Exam. Quizzes. Exams. Lab reports. Quizzes. Lab reports. Essay.

That has been the way my past couple of months have looked – in case you have noticed my complete absence *frown*. Don’t worry, it’s not you…it’s me. Well, it’s actually school.

Welcome to November friends! I can’t believe it has been so long since I have posted anything! Sheesh! I tried committing to the whole one post a week idea, and for a little while I kept writing and saving drafts to finish later. As you can tell, the posts haven’t made it past the draft stage. Life got busy and in the way of my blogging progress. I lost my groove *heavy sigh*. I also can’t believe that Christmas season is just around the corner (erm…just after final exams are done with *sweat*). Who else is excited!?!? *crickets* Too early? Okay…

Anyway, I hope that everyone had a great fall so far! I am figuring out this new system of time management where I hopefully make it to the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night haha. I have been doing pretty well…I mean, I haven’t fallen asleep in any classes nor have I lit my chemistry lab on fire…so…all good things. Other than that, just normal student life. Finish classes at 6 pm and head home, study, rinse and repeat. Nothing too thrilling, then again, I rather be doing this than scrubbing hot plates at a shady fast food joint.

Also, where have in-laundry scent boosters been all my life?! My clothes smell like a fresh meadow and magic. I don’t know how to better describe the scent. I have two: one is by Bounce in their original scent and the other is the Downy Unstoppables in the teal colored container. What’s pretty great is that I have sensitive skin and normally avoid trying extra heavily scented laundry items but, on a whim, I chose to give these two a go…no problems, just yummy smelling clothes – and the scent isn’t overpowering either. Maybe I have arrived a little late on this train but I am here. These are magical little beads, they burst into a wonderful scent for long after I’ve already worn my clothing.

Do you guys enjoy bundling up in comfy sweaters and scarves and lounging wearing warm socks while watching it be cold and rainy outdoors? I do. I like hearing the rain coming down on my roof while sipping my tea. It’s tranquil.

It is now rather late, I should sleep so I can catch my 7 hours of Zzz. I will be back this weekend or tomorrow!

If you’re reading this on Thursday night, good night to you! If you are reading this on Friday, happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “[Insert Sorry Face]

  1. luluscribbles says:

    I have been MIA for forever, too… But I am so glad to see that the grind is going (can’t say much about the positives during the grind, but at least things are “going”), and that you have your sleep goals set up. I hope to follow in your footsteps. Study, sleep, rinse, repeat. *insert sorry face too*

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