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Hello and good evening 🙂

I thought I would give you an update on what has been going on with me.  As you all know (and are probably tired of hearing – trust me I am tired of it, too) I’ve been swamped this semester. Little time to do much else besides homework…let alone post a well thought out blog post regularly. There are big changes coming to my life very soon; some of them have been in the works for a while and some of them inspired by my decision to take better care of myself and to be fairer to myself.

The first big change coming is something that I will talk about once it happens because I want to make sure I have all my facts straight & have everything set up before exposing it to everyone online. It involves my schooling! No, I am definitely not dropping out of university or anything like that; actually it will be the polar opposite of dropping out. Anyway, more on that later – It will be for the better.

Second change involves a book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I was going to borrow it from my friend when she was through reading her copy, but she actually gifted me a copy! So, thank you (you know who you are). I have always been quite good at keeping my things orderly –  I am a clean-feaky person. However, I have come to realize that I have to downsize the amount of some of my belongings. I don’t own too much in the general sense, that’s to say I don’t shop excessively. I think I just have a difficult time parting with articles of clothing that have memories attached (like a gift from someone in the family) or books I think I will reread one day (but haven’t touched in over a year)… things of that sort. So, I began reading my book and was motivated to revamp my space before Christmas! Sometimes the simple act of decluttering can make a room or space feel less hectic and make you feel less stressed.

Third change is coming after my exams are over. I am going to set up one day of the week dedicated to blogging, cooking new dishes, relaxing, yoga, and recharging my batteries. A day I will use to make sure that I am fair to myself so that I don’t work myself to a nub, can catch up on sleep if needed, etc. Over the course of this semester I can honestly say that I have not done a good job of being kind to myself. A huge course load of science/math courses and being separated from my fiancé has taken a toll on me. I need to recharge and get back to truly being myself: healthy, positive, and “Zen”. I know that I will be just as busy next semester in terms of volume, but my subjects will be ones I resonate with and ones that I am passionate about learning.

Fourth change might come with the territory of the all the changes combined. Nonetheless, it is a change in itself regardless of other changes. My goal is to stop letting negative energy or thoughts takeover as well as avoid overwhelming myself with silly things. I have slowly slipped into a slump, I am sure most of us have been there at one point or another. That said, I still firmly believe that a smile is the prettiest makeup I can wear.

A smaller update: I have acquired a new tea (as seen in the photo). It is the white chocolate peppermint tea from Teavana. I never quite bought much from there, mainly because the teas are expensive and I have always just gravitated towards David’s Tea. However, I was pleasantly surprised while sampling their new teas. I ended up with one of their holiday collection teas. It is a rooibos tea that has candy cane pieces and white chocolate shavings. I know my tea class professor would probably frown upon this purchase but… this is simply delicious. What is even more surprising is that I actually like the flavor of it; I am usually not a big rooibos drinker at all. Although rooibos is supposed to be excellent for your health…some of the benefits including relief of: anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and eczema. Sounded like something I could really use right now!

This brings me to the end of my update post. Wishing everyone a good weekend. Also: is it appropriate to be excited for Christmas yet? Because I am! *big grin*


2 thoughts on “Thoughts + Update

  1. luluscribbles says:

    I hope the book serves you well! I had made a comment in my head… but anyways, here it is now, in true form! I think reading is always a good way to relax. And what better than to read about how to declutter your space—both physically around you and mentally inside you?

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