The one with resolutions

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Happy New Year! I learned a lot from 2015. I am thankful for many things that happened last year. All wonderful things aside, the last stretch of 2015 (from about the end of August up until Christmas) was challenging. My semester started off pretty smoothly, but quickly turned as unforgiving as white-water. Everything was different – my fiance had just left for school to a different province and I was swallowed by school work and studying of my own. It was a trying experience, but I learned a lot from all of it. Though, before any learning took place, I had a rough time. I let myself get away with negative thinking, I slipped into poor habits (such as staying up way too late and losing sleep), etc. I was not myself; I felt like I was annoying myself with how down I got. I started looking for reasons and found them. Now that I found them, it is time to fix them.

I heard/read a lot about resolutions being stupid and that setting resolutions is useless because they are sure to fail. I decided to challenge that! I think that with the right goals and the right mind-set resolutions will not fail. It’s all about willpower and good planning. I made a decision (after my semester ended) that, in 2016, I will make some resolutions and stick to them. So, without further ado…here are mine:

  1. Blogging consistently. As you all know, my blogging kind of took a nosedive a few months ago. I kept setting times to post… yet somehow either school got in the way or inspiration wasn’t there. So, my goal is to have one day a week set in my schedule where I will post – rain or shine. I have not yet decided the day, but I am leaning toward Tuesday (as I have that day off from classes). I will update the set day later on in the week as I settle into my schedule better.
  2. Sunday Ritual. I will be using Sunday as a day to get organized for the week ahead and regroup. To make this a “ritual” I will be doing a basic set of things every Sunday without alterations (unless truly necessary or planned). First thing is shower and do morning yoga stretches. Following that, I will have a large breakfast. This breakfast will be something special/different than the usual daily breakfast – fancy pancakes, smoothies, and/or something like a quiche…you get the idea. During this breakfast, I will read a chapter of a book (nothing related to school; something that will set a positive note to my day and get my brain into gear). Next, is sit down and plan out the week ahead. I will use this time to make to-do lists, get a sense of what I need to do during the week, assign different work for different days of the week, etc. After I have my plans set for the week I will get some work done – such as making notes and doing reading for classes. By the time I have completed all of this it will be time for dinner, so I will spend the rest of the time from dinner onward relaxing before Monday.
  3. Unwinding on Saturday. Sunday is the power day of the weekend, so Saturday will be the day of rejuvenation. This means a stress- free day. A day I can use to work on a hobby or project (such as painting), do some yoga, pamper myself a little bit with a bubble bath and good book, make a nice dinner of comfort food, catch-up on TV shows or watch a movie, and things of that nature. I will also be some doing school work, but less volume of it than during the week/Sunday (and most likely in the morning rather than later in the day). I will essentially use this day to create a “zen” state of mind.
  4. Consistent Sleep Schedule. God, how my sleep suffered last semester. I was a zombie by the end of it! My goal is to get to bed earlier and awake earlier. At the same time every day. Even on weekends. I do not want to sleep in late, I do not want to stay up too late. I want to have a steady sleep pattern so that my brain is optimally functional and my mood is optimally pleasant haha.
  5. Get It Done. As trivial as it seems…it’s important. As human beings we tend to leave some stuff for tomorrow or simply later. With some things, it is OK to do that. When it comes to school work (or other important tasks), not so OK. With that in mind, my goal is to get as much done in a day as possible before I start to feel overwhelmed. That means no dilly-dallying during the week, no putting off readings for “later”, and keeping up with my schedule as closely as possible. I am lucky this semester to have quite a bit of spare time for studying, so I will utilize it to the best of my abilities.
  6. No Schoolwork Past 8:00 PM. As important as it is to not procrastinate, it is equally as important to remember to not over-work yourself. I feel like I always knew that, yet despite my knowledge of it, I got sucked up by the current and forgot to breathe. Not drowning myself is another resolution. This means I will try to do as much during the day so that I can finish any remaining school work before 8:00 (or so) PM. Time to wind down before bed is crucial for a good sleep – at least I found this to be true for me.
  7. Keeping A Positive Mind. As I have mentioned, this is an area that needed improvement last semester. I was never a totally negative person by any means (that isn’t my nature), but I was not ambitious enough because I felt discouraged, I let little things get under my skin because of other stresses, I was governed by the negatives rather than the positives. So, now I will be getting back to positive thoughts and positive actions and positive expectations. This means beginning each day with good thoughts and ending each day with gratitude and a peaceful heart. I think this will play a key part in keeping up with the rest of my resolutions.
  8. Get Moving. I was not successful at finding time or motivation to do yoga consistently (or any other exercises) in the last few months of 2015. I feel quite let-down about it, but now it is time to get into the habit of consistent exercising again.
  9. Achieving Straight A’s. As I have mentioned before, my last semester made me struggle…in more ways than one. Needless to say…my GPA struggled, too. That makes me angry. I like my A’s and A+’s. Hence my goal for this semester is to achieve nothing lower than an A on any given assignment or exam. I know that sounds like I am putting a huge strain on myself, however, the way I plan on achieving this standard (such as following my Sunday and Saturday “rituals”) is going to make it as stress-free as possible.

That wraps it up for my resolutions post. I hope you enjoyed the read and I will see you again soon!


6 thoughts on “The one with resolutions

  1. luluscribbles says:

    I love the resolutions! Your weekends sound so serene and ambitious… at the same time! I think with the right mindset, healthy body (like you said, plenty of sleep, large breakfasts, getting moving…) and organization, you will do GREAT! 😚

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