Yes, yes I do.

Hello interweb society! I’m sick – coughing, feverish, runny nose, watery eyes, headache – sick. I am not one to get sick regularly, my immune system normally does a good job of keeping away the bugs; unfortunately, it seems that something has made it past the barrier. Poop. As a university student, not much can take you down like a flu or a bad cold can. It’s like Kryptonite! You want to do your readings, you even get settled at your desk ready for action…but when you look at the textbook for more than 5 minutes, your head begins to spin and your eyes roll back into your head. I have been doing my best to get small increments of reading done and even took some notes the other day. Today, though, it’s not looking promising. I slept pretty much all day – woke up at 1:30 pm! I think? Or it might of been 2:30…oh my goodness. I don’t know. What day is it?! Send help.

So, my parents went out and bought me anti-viral tissues (did you know they made those? I didn’t), flu medicine, medicated cough and throat lozenges, and general cold/flu care package materials. I am beyond grateful for that. I made some chicken stock two days ago, but that is long gone and I have no energy to make anymore. Currently working toward mustering the energy for some post dinner studying – I must get something done today…maybe. Though, I did vacuum earlier today (because cat hair and dust and being plugged up and coughing don’t make a nice combination). I gotta say, the energy exerted while vacuuming nearly ended me haha. I was sure that if I sat down I would pass out. Yet somehow, I am still conscious. All I really want to do is watch Netflix in bed for the rest of the night and drink hot tea and eat warm foods. But I also want to get school work done…*sigh* I guess we shall see what I feel like after dinner.

Bailey (for those of you that don’t know, she’s my cat) has been keeping me company; which is good because I am quarantined in a tiny space by myself until I am virus-free. Speaking of keeping yourself and your viruses confined, I think more people should learn to do that! I mean, I go to school with hundreds of people, and I also take public transit. I have noticed people hacking a lung in the 3rd row of class – mouth open! Yes, just spreading that bug to all of us, thanks…sharing isn’t always caring. Sometimes it’s best to keep things to yourself. Or, better yet, standing on the bus next to someone (an adult) wiping their running, snotty nose with bare hands and then grabbing the pole to hold on. WHY. DUDE do us all a favor and stay home with your chicken noodle soup and Netflix. *angry hand gestures*

Okay, let’s move on. Aside from whatever bug has been plaguing me the past few days, things have been well. I acquired some new pens – I am a stationary enthusiast, so this is very exciting news to me.  The pens I got are the 10 pack of Staedtler multicolored pens and two Pilot Precise V5 pens. I am the type of person who likes to have her notes not only look neat and organized, but also color coordinated. I do that with my planning, too. Colors play an important part in my life as a student and generally organized human. I am now realizing how sad it sounds to be excited about pens, but you know what? I embrace my affinity for stationary. Pretty excited to use them, as soon as I gather enough brain energy to focus on studying.

Next week, when I am well and more “with-it”, expect a fun post. Meanwhile, stay healthy and have a wonderful week! For now, I am off to make myself some more ginger-honey-lemon tea and try to figure out what to do with myself – study or sleep or Netflix…decisions, decisions.


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