Detox Tea – is it a real thing?

Hey everyone! So, I am still sick and at home resting to recover. I decided to take this time to talk about something that I’ve noticed has become a big thing. Not only is it a fad, but people are actually buying into it – which is an issue I will address in this post. Now, you all know how much I love tea…but…

If you are thinking of purchasing something for a lot of money, you want to make sure it’s worth the investment. If that something that you are thinking of purchasing is one of those “cleansing” teas or “detox” teas or “skinny” teas which are delivered to you monthly for loads of cash…save your money. I think they are a massive waste of your hard-earned money. That’s not to say that tea in itself doesn’t have the properties these marketers and companies are trying to sell. All tea has antioxidants, “detox” properties, “cleansing” properties. It doesn’t have to be packaged in a nice tin with pretty labels and delivered to you for ridiculous prices – you can get the same results with any good quality tea you buy (for a tiny fraction of the price). It is true that tea should be loose leaf for it to be decent quality tea, but that doesn’t mean it should cost you a fortune. You can go to many different tea merchants and tea shops online and get yourself a fantastic selection of teas for much less than these other “super tea” companies are selling for.

It’s really not hard to get sucked into the marketing and the packaging of these expensive teas. I mean, they do a convincing job! There are people on social media raving about these cleanses, too – “look how clear my skin is after drinking this tea for a week” or “this tea made my stomach so flat” or “I have so much more energy after drinking this tea” – they’re probably getting paid to tell you this, and if they aren’t…then they are most likely following the current fad (who wants to admit they spent a fortune on a packet of tea which did nothing for them?). The biggest selling point these teas share is that they tell you that your body is absorbing all these “toxins” while you’re breathing and eating and living and just being human. Well, sure! That’s a fact…thankfully, though, we have a few organs that do the cleansing and detoxifying for us: liver, skin, kidneys, and lungs. If your body wasn’t able to do this on it’s own, their would be a serious biological issue which would require medical treatment.

A lot of the companies aren’t very specific about what these toxins they are talking about are. What are the names of these toxins? What do they do to the body? What makes this combination of tea the perfect solution? Something to keep in mind. Where is the scientific evidence that their specific product (which is being sold as something that is used to detoxify your body) does the job the best? A healthy diet, good sleep, keeping active, and staying hydrated are the main things that will help you feel healthy.

That said, tea has been used for centuries as an aid in traditional medicine and even meditation. There are many different, natural teas that have properties which are good for your stomach or your skin or your body in general. You don’t need to pay these companies to get your hands on something that is found in almost every tea shop, supermarket, or even online. You can get some great quality valerian tea for getting a better sleep, peppermint tea for digestive aid, ginger tea for nausea, lavender tea for stress relief. It’s just about knowing your stuff and doing  your research.

Another rather unsettling fact is that a lot of the teas that are made for weight loss can actually make you dehydrated and cause you to lose muscle tissue (and muscle weighs more than fat does…so, is that healthy weight loss?). A lot of these “skinny” or “fit” teas contain herbs and seeds which are appetite suppressants, diuretics, and even laxatives. These things can mess with your gastrointestinal flora (which is what keeps yours entire stomach balance in check) and can also make you lose water. In addition to that, if you want true tea benefits, you need to customize the tea to your needs and your body.

To wrap up, I am sure you are all intelligent people. I also know that there are companies out there who really know how to market things and make it tempting to believe them. Take this as a kind reminder to be careful of what you put in your body. We only get one body, let’s treat it with respect and make health-conscious decisions. Drink your tea, but don’t buy into the expensive (and sometimes harmful) trends.


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