30 Random Questions


Hey everyone! I’m a little late with the blogging schedule because today was kind of a busy day and my original plans didn’t work out quite the way I anticipated them to. Sorry for that, but it’s not going to change future blog posts, I will still be posting on Tuesdays! 🙂

Second week of school went by – I was sick!! Ugh. The worst part was not only feeling poorly, but being too ill to actually attend classes. Missing material was very displeasing. I did my best to make sure I covered whatever was missed – mostly over the last two days of the week and over the weekend. Last week looked something like: sleep, wake up coughing and with a plugged nose at 2 am, sleep again, wake up again, sleep a bit more, then wake up and decide 3rd time wasn’t a charm. Have a boat load of medicine (which I normally don’t ever have), have tea, have water, have more tea, finally manage to eat something. Try to sit down for homework and readings but realize eyes won’t focus, head hurts, and if I tilt my head ever so slightly downward nose runs like a faucet – so, no studying. Rinse and repeat. I managed to get some studying done (when I felt meds kick in full force). I am sure everyone wanted to hear that story, right? Haha. Thankfully, I am cured and I am healthy again! Yay! I am always so fascinated by how complicated and ingenious our bodies are.

I thought, since I was feeling pretty “blah” last week, it might be fun to answer 30 random questions for you guys to lighten up the mood. Here we go!

  1. Do you sleep with closet doors open or closed? Umm…closed. I don’t care too much when they are open, but I definitely prefer them closed. Why, you ask? No idea…
  2. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? Out. I cannot stand feeling constricted when I sleep. I totally mess up the bedding in hotel rooms!
  3. Do you cut out coupons and then never use them? I usually do use coupons I cut out. Though, sometimes, I forget and then I don’t end up using them because they expire.
  4. Do you always smile for pictures? Hmm…I find fake, wide, toothy smiles look terrible in photos (at least when I do it). Unless someone makes me laugh or someone catches me naturally smiling. So, I am going to say yes, I do smile in photos, but I don’t show teeth.
  5. Do you ever count your steps when you walk? No. I just walk…
  6. Have you ever peed in the woods? Yep. Camping.
  7. Do you still watch cartoons? If adult cartoons like Family Guy, Simpsons, F is for Family, count…yes.
  8. Where would you bury hidden treasure if you find any? Bury it!? I just found treasure! I’m keeping it locked in a safe at the house.
  9. What do you drink in the winter? I drink tea, as always. I also drink hot chocolate and eggnog – a lot of eggnog.
  10. Can you change the oil in your car? Yes, I can.
  11. Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? Nope! Clean record.
  12. Are you afraid of heights? No. But, depending on where I am, I can sometimes be afraid of falling from very high-up places.
  13. Do you sing in the car? On occasion; if I am being silly with my fiance or I am alone and bored or super tired haha.
  14. Is Christmas stressful? Nope. I love Christmas! Even on the rare occasion that I might find myself a little stressed before Christmas, I don’t pay the stress much attention. So, my answer is no, it is not stressful.
  15. Occupation you wanted as a kid? Oh boy, that’s a long list! Haha. I think it was always something to do with medicine – veterinarian, medical doctor, nurse, paramedic, etc. However, I also wanted to be a flight attendant at one point in time.
  16. Can you curl your tongue? I believe I can.
  17. Have you ever cried because you were so happy? Yes! On the engagement day!
  18. Can you swim well? Very well. I worked as a lifeguard back in the yester-years.
  19. If you became a multimillionaire over night, what is the first thing you would buy? A nice car! And then a house for my future family to grow in. So, first thing is car…then I would drive that car to look for homes. LOL.
  20. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear right now? I hear my cat purring.
  21. What is one food you cannot live without? Well, I couldn’t live without food in general, seeing as I would starve and die. So…all food?
  22. What did you do for your last birthday? My sweetheart took me horseback riding! It was the most amazing time. I am a huge horse person (don’t hear that too often, do ya? haha), so the experience was absolutely incredible. Thank you again, honey!
  23. Do you have any tattoos? Yes. I have two tattoos.
  24. Have you ever dyed your hair? Yep. I have dyed my hair blonde, dark purple, and black. However, I haven’t dyed my hair in years.
  25. What is your favorite scent? That’s a bit difficult to answer, because I like quite a few scents for different purposes haha. I will say coconut would be my favorite scent for a lot of things – but only if it’s not artificial smelling. I actually bought a coconut milk body butter today, it’s delicious.
  26. How many pillows do you sleep with? Haha – this is funny because my fiance likes a lot of pillows, and I usually have only two.
  27. What is your essential kitchen appliance? Ah…a fridge. Because that is where I store food at home. Other than that, probably a stove, because you can do anything with it- boil water, fry, bake, roast, you name it.
  28. Baths or showers? I actually like both equally, but I take more showers than baths. I take baths to relax and showers to get clean…
  29. Do you have any secret family recipes? I do, actually. A few of them 😉
  30. Would you like to build/design your own house? Umm…hell yes!

Well, that was my 30 random questions. I hope you enjoyed this post and I am wishing everyone a good rest of the week!

 Hooray for most things!

– George Carlin




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