Kitty Cat Treats + Update

I am always surprised that Bailey can eat the same cat food over and over and over again without getting sick of it. I would probably go a little mad if I had to eat the same food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…everyday. Then again, I’m not a feline…though some days their life does look appealing.

I try to buy the best cat food I can afford; however, the majority of the time I get Iams dry food and Pure Balance wet food or Fancy Feast. Lately, though, Bailey has been feeling a little unwell from the Pure Balance. I know it’s most likely just an incompatibility rather than the fault of the company, but I decided to take her off that brand. I changed the Pure Balance to the usual Fancy Feast and she is much happier with that.

That said, there is a PetCulture store which is closing down near my neck of the woods. When we saw their sign my fiance and I stumbled in to see what they have left. I actually found a great selection of toys and cat food on markdown. I purchased a banana shaped catnip toy, some healthy treats, and good quality canned food in a variety of flavors. Though I didn’t buy too many cans of the food since I was not sure how she’ll like it.


The Trufood cat treats sound pretty great – healthy, tasty (I would imagine…I’m not about to taste test them), and packed with good ingredients. So, I don’t feel as guilty giving more than a few at a time haha. As for the banana toy, it’s impossible to take it away from her. I wish I had bought more cans but now that I know she likes them, I can just go to another pet store and pick it up for her.

On another note, a pretty exciting update about my life – I’m turning 25 this coming Monday (the 6th of June). A whole quarter of a century! Is there such a thing as a quarter life crisis? Haha. Anyway, the exciting thing is that on this birthday two big wishes are coming true (because it is considered a milestone in my culture). Number 1: my parents are taking me and my fiance to a restaurant called Top of Vancouver. It is a revolving restaurant that has panoramic windows allowing guests to see Vancouver, the coastal mountains and the ocean from 553 feet above ground. Talk about breathe-taking! Number 2: My fiance will be gifting me something I’ve been desiring and looking at for several years. I will not disclose what it is until it is given to me on my birthday so that I will have something to show you.

It is currently midterm season, so please excuse the lack of posts. I’ve been super swamped. Check back next week for my birthday celebration post!

Wishing you all a wonderful week and weekend ahead!



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