My Birthday Celebration

Hello inter-web world! Late post, I know…I’ve been writing exams and studying for my anatomy quizzes *deep sigh*. Currently taking a little study break to finally get this blog post out!

I’ve been 25 years old for just over a week now. Do I feel different? Not really. Did I have a wonderful celebration? Yes, yes I did. I don’t want to boast or make this post seem like I am bragging; but, I initially wasn’t really keen on celebrating my 25th in any big fashion so having had such a grand and heartening celebration I was compelled to share all of the details.

The day of my birthday:

My parents surprised me with a giant bouquet of gorgeous pink roses and freshly made French macarons (they special ordered them from a local patisserie). I don’t think you guys know this about me yet…I adore macarons. Those little circular clouds of deliciousness are my favorite dessert of all time. They ordered 8 different flavors (passion fruit, strawberry-rose, pistachio, lemon, dark chocolate, matcha, coconut, and some combination of tropical fruit which I couldn’t place, but it was amazing). I ate all 8 of them in one day. I am not even ashamed. My parents also ordered my favorite dish from my favorite Greek restaurant – absolutely delectable.

My fiance and his father gifted me an essential oil nebulizer (also known as a diffuser) and essential oils from a company which is called Edens Garden. I’ve wanted these specific oils from this specific company for a long, long time. The company is cruelty free, run by women, and all of their oils are made fresh in small batches. The oils are pure, unadulterated and undiluted, they are also therapeutic grade. What’s more is that since the products are sold directly from the company they are very affordable. The cherry on top is that Edens Garden gives 10% of their profit to charity. I mean, if there is any company out there that deserves some recognition…this is it. I was ecstatic upon receiving my scent bundle. I have been using the oils and nebulizer every evening when I get home (and pretty much all day when I don’t have class). I have been sleeping 10x better thanks to the Stress Relief blend…it’s magical.

I don’t have photos for the following two things but I would also like to mention them: first are the really tasteful gifts from my fiance’s mom and step dad. They recently went on a trip around Europe, so they brought back tea and a little glass cat figure for me. I am so touched! Second is my best friend’s surprise visit to my house a few days after my birthday. She presented me with several thoughtful gifts and a very heartwarming card.

Here are some photos of the day:


My stunning roses on a monstera leaf


The macarons!


This is the nebulizer – do you see the beehive shape?


The first boxed set of oils – Mediation blend, Love blend, Aphrodisiac blend, Sunshine Spice Blend, Earth and Wood blend, and Simply Citrus blend.


The second boxed set – Fighting Five blend, Breathe Easier blend, Stress Relief blend, Uplift blend, Immunity blend, and Head Ease blend.


This was a gift I gave myself for my birthday (lol) – Serenity Now and Pink Flamingo tea from David’s Tea! My two current favorites.

The celebration didn’t stop there, though. The weekend after my birthday my parents took my fiance and I to the revolving restaurant in downtown Vancouver called Top of Vancouver. It was a breathtaking view and the food was superb!

Here is a little slideshow of the experience:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you give me good food, my loved ones, and a nice view…I am the happiest girl alive.

I’d like to end this post by saying a public thank you to my friends and family for making my 25th birthday an unforgettable experience! Thank you, everyone!

I truly felt on top of the world. Not only on my birthday, but all week and weekend long. I am beyond blessed to have had such an incredible celebration surrounded by my loved ones. It was absolutely magnificent!


6 thoughts on “My Birthday Celebration

  1. Sheryl says:

    Happy 25th! You are such an amazing women I can not wait to “read” about all the many adventures that are awaiting you in the years to come! Thank for sharing your special moments with us all.

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