Success part 3: Advanced

Hey everyone! As you see, I have decided to change the theme of my blog! I hope you all like it as much as I do – I felt that the site needed a little change and I am very happy with how it looks now.

Today, I want to give you my tips for the intermediate steps to success. I think that this last little bit is somehow easier than the rest. I feel like after putting in all the work for the basic and intermediate steps the most difficult parts have been covered. Having already come this far means that all the previous steps have been achieved or are being achieved continuously.


So, on to the steps!

1. Inspiration: At this point, you have acquired your basic and intermediate skills that will serve as a basis for your success journey. The next step is finding someone that inspires you – a role model per se. Research them. While you “investigate” them ask questions; for example you can ask yourself: How did they come to where they are in their life? What mistakes have they made that you can avoid? How do they handle themselves? What about their character makes them a good role model to you? Etc. Once you find your inspiration, use it as a tool for acquiring some qualities that you see and admire in them. If your inspiration does not come from a role model, that is also perfectly good. Work with it (or them, if it is a person) and the skills you have mastered from the previous steps (basic and intermediate).

2. Keep challenging yourself. Just because you have done so well up until this point does not mean you cannot get any better. Never stop looking for room for improvement in yourself – I know that we should all love ourselves and who we are and so on, but really…if you want to rise above the rest and make yourself successful in whatever you are doing you need to always be at your best. Your best doesn’t have a check-point where you just say “I cannot do better” or “I cannot get better”. Perfection is unattainable, that said…it does not mean we cannot strive to be better than we were yesterday.That is why it is important to always push yourself to be at your best and find new challenges (even if small) for yourself.

3. Spend time with family. Family (and loves ones) is the most important thing above all else. They will be there when things are rough and also when things are good. Don’t lose yourself in what you are doing without making sure to spend as much time with your family/loved ones as possible. Not every day will be easy; not everything will always be sunshine and rainbows so, make sure you give your love, appreciation, and time to the people who are beside you rain or shine.


4. Don’t let criticism make you feel like you have failed. Some people will disagree with you, some people will criticize you. Some of them will be kind and respectful about it…unfortunately, there will also be people who are mean and are poor in spirit. Those are the people who just want to bring you down and make you feel inferior or just rotten, don’t let those people get what they want. No matter the case, you should always remember that you are doing what you are doing for yourself, not for the person who is standing in front of you expressing their opinion. However, keep in mind that some of the criticism and opinions may be very useful and helpful! So don’t reject or “shut off” without listening and evaluating the words of those who are telling you their views and criticisms. Also: if people speak poorly about you, just prove them wrong.

5. Spend time in the kitchen. I know this sounds really weird…but food and cooking and hosting dinners for your family is actually really great. Learn to appreciate different foods, have fun exploring the realm of food.The kitchen has long been called the heart of the home, and for good reason! Mom’s teach their kids their secrets, people fight, make-up, have conversations, eat, spend time with family, goof around, and obviously cook in the kitchen. Even if you don’t know how to cook, try to learn, it is very rewarding- trust me! If you have a partner who you love, a kitchen, and a bedroom, you really don’t need much else!

6. Get out there! Rather than spending all your time in front of a screen (computer, TV, cellphone) get out there and go for walks/hikes, go camping, stargaze at a beach, start a garden if you want, whatever you desire! Go out into the world and see what it has to offer. Travel if you can, take small trips around your own area/country if you are unable to go anywhere else.

7. Wake up with music – if possible. Honestly, having a good set of songs to listen to when you wake up all the way up to when you leave the house is a great way to boost your spirit and get you energized for the day.


8. Don’t sit around without aim unless your aim is to sit around without aim – haha. The issue here is that the moment you give some slack to yourself (without intending to), you will slowly slip back into bad habits. It is important to relax, but do so when you consciously make a decision to take a break.

9. Sweat the small stuff. A lot of you have heard the ever popular phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff”, right? There is a little trick here: don’t sweat the small stuff but, first know how to effectively differentiate between what is actually a small thing and what is disguised as a small thing but will bite you in the butt later. Successful people know they need to pay attention to even the smallest details in their life and their work, and they also know when not to sweat certain things.

10. Have fun! People who don’t know how to have fun and enjoy life will never be successful in full because they will be missing a huge chunk of life. How can someone be called truly successful when they are missing something so big? Know that no matter what happens and how far you may go, life is about living. Relish the moments that you are given on this earth.

There you have it! This wraps up my success “series”. I hope you all enjoyed it and found the advice given useful. I wish you all a good rest of the week!

A little heads up: My next 2 weeks are going to absolutely ridiculously busy due to papers, exams, and etc. I will do my best to post on the next two Wednesdays, however, if I do not get the chance to make it happen I will definitely try to find some time on another day. If things get a little too hectic, I may miss one of the two coming Wednesdays – apologies in advance – such is university with a full course load!


Until next time!


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